Book Fair

27 March 2020 - 28 March 2020

Brent Knoll Parish Hall Brent Street Brent Knoll TA9 4EH

It’s our annual Book Fair time again. This will be our only book fair this year (otherwise it would be bi-annual, of course!).

So, whether you favour hardbacks or paperbacks, incline to old books or new books, are partial to children’s books or adult books (not that sort!), seek facts or prefer fiction, fancy a laugh or a cry, enjoy sharpening your brain or soothing your mind, or, maybe, just like reclining in a chair looking at pictures, we will have something for you. We will also have a few records (remember them!), CDs, DVDs and, perhaps, even a tape or two, plus a chance to relax with a little refreshment after (or between) the rather more serious pursuit of that elusive author’s title you have been looking for this last few years.

With most paperbacks at 50p and most hardbacks at £1 you can’t go wrong, though we will have an extended selection of better books at slightly higher prices. Come and get a bargain, brush up on your favourite hobby, buy a book for bedtime, something to send you sweetly to sleep, or, if you prefer a more adventurous night, why not scare yourself silly with an exciting thriller. You can seek a novel or a novelty, enjoy the adventures of your heroes, or bore the pants off a near relative with a book you know they always wanted.

Admission Free

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