Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival
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Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival
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Bridgwater Carnival is a massive national event and receives a lot of media coverage, whether it be in the newspapers, local radio or television. 

However from 2013 folllowing agreement with the Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival Association it has become a lot easier to explain as Bridgwater Carnival will always be held on the first Saturday in November.

2015 – Saturday 7th November
2016 – Saturday 5th November
2017 – Saturday 4th November
2018 – Saturday 3rd November
2019 – Saturday 2nd November
2020 – Saturday 7th November

There will be a grand firework display sponsored by Bridgwater Town Council at St Matthews Field and this year for the first time there will be some fairground rides to keep you amused.

Note the Bridgwater Carnival will be on this year.

It has been our long term aim to move the Bridgwater Carnival to a Saturday to make it more accessible for families rather than just having an evening of entertainment.

The  New Route

The procession will take the same route as previous years until it reachs Penel Orlieu when it will turn right into Mount Street finishing at the junction with Castle Moat, the rest road remains in the same place in order to give the performers a breather, so don't stand in that area.

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